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Полная веpсия: NAFTA
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Закон NAFTA сщздан для профессионалов из Канады и Мексики. Виза, по которой они приезжают, называется TN.

TN Visa - Canada/Mexico is Suitable For:

- Canadian/Mexican citizens with a bachelors degree and a job offer from a U.S. company
- Canadian/Mexican citizens in specialized occupations, such as scientists, engineers, programmers, research assistants, management consultants, social workers, and accountants
- Canadian/Mexican medical and allied personnel including dentists, dietitians, laboratory technologists, nutritionist, pharmacist, physical therapist, psychologist, registered nurses and veterinarians
- Canadian/Mexican companies to transfer employees to their U.S. parent, branch, subsidiary or affiliate without the 1 year foreign employment requirement in the case of L-1 visa
- U.S. companies to bring in qualified Canadian/Mexican professionals for jobs that require a bachelors degree and specialized skills
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