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Полная веpсия: Помогите победить Traffic Ticket
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On April 1st, 2013 a relative of mine drove her car (registered in Brooklyn, NY) to Manhattan, New York City and parked it on metered street parking. While the car was parked there, she received a City of New York Parking Violation for having an expired registration.

She is not a frequent driver and has not updated her expired registration sticker, which showed an expiration date of 05/18/12. However, she in fact renewed her registration on 04/30/2012 and had a new registration expiring 05/14/2014 and showing it has been renewed on 04/30/2012 safely tacked in her glove compartment.

I offered to help her contest that ticket, took a copy of her new registration and mailed in a not guilty plea checking the “Inspection/Registration is valid” box and enclosing a copy of the new valid registration.

I was very surprised to receive the following response:

“The respondent has been charged with violating traffic law 4-08 (j)(3). By standing or parking a vehicle, bearing New York plate or plates that did not display a current registration sticker. The registration expired on 5/18/2012 and the summons was issued on 4/1/2013.

Respondent submitted a registration sticker still attached to its backing and the registration card, which showed it was processed on 4/30/2012. Respondent checked off the valid registration box, but did not provide any further testimony. The summons indicated a registration sticker number that differed from the sticker number on the new registration. Respondent’s unsworn testimony and evidence do not persuasively establish that a valid registration was properly displayed on the windshield on the time off summons issued.”

What should my position be as I dispute this ruling by mail? It’s not about $65, but rather a matter of principle to win this. And please serious responses only (i.e. no “get a lawyer” and no “bbv” type of comments). Thanks a lot for your help guys!
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