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Полная веpсия: Selling Your Business in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland
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Yury Eber
Tel. +1-718-576-44-31

Our company is the first in the Republic of Belarus, which provides consulting services for buying and selling private businesses. From 2005 a large number of enterprises in different industries has been sold. They were large enterprises to manufacture paper, ice-cream, furniture, cosmetics, also small, working in the sphere of services: restaurants, service stations and beauty salons. We have extensive experience in the assessment of value of existing enterprises (manufacturing enterprise, construction organizations, architectural bureau, the wholesale business).

We are particularly interested in discussing opportunities to represent your company in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland.

We would like to utilize the existing our extensive experience and network of business partners and contacts to obtain additional profit from the sale of enterprises, registered in the USA, to citizens and organizations in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland.

We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship, how can we help you to take advantage of global economy and the achieve success of the partnership.
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