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Confidential aide. 10 years of full-time experience as a municipal police officer, Deputy Sheriff or New York State Trooper, of which three years must have involved providing supervision at the rank of Sergeant or above; and 5 years of full-time experience in personal security and public setting threat assessment for high-profile public officials required. The authority to carry and conceal a firearm and Possession of a valid NYS driver's license is a must. recruit@osc.state.ny.us

Nurse substitute. Administering medications to students; providing first aid to injured; admitting ill to the infirmary & providing nursing care; discharging recuperated back to school or the dormitory; discharging students home to parental care; sending ill to doctor's office for evaluation & treatment; administering nebulizer treatments to asthmatics; administering and disconnecting G-tube feeding. Must be licensed and currently registered to practice nursing in New York State or possess a limited permit to practice nursing in New York State. $18 per hour. nyssd@mail.nysed.gov

Health information management technician. Review diagnostic and therapeutic medical records for completeness and accuracy; supervise and perform coding of diseases, diagnoses, operations and procedures; review records for accuracy and completeness; assist in resolving problems with medical records maintenance and use. Must be reachable for appointment on the current Civil Service eligible list for the title; or be permanent as a Health Information Management Technician 1 and eligible for transfer; or be eligible to transfer via Section 70.1 of Civil Service Law by having at least one year of permanent service in a title approved for transfer by Civil Service within two salary grades of the Grade 13 level. Must be currently certified by the American Health Information Management Association as a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) or as a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT). $37437 to $47472 per year. Fax (716) 816-2554

Principal account clerk. Providing guidance and assistance on contract payment processing and monitoring workflow to ensure prompt, accurate processing of approximately 600 contracts. Resolve problems that arise in routine unit functions. Define issues for referral to appropriate parties for resolution. Ensure all payments are approved and meet the appropriate contractual terms and rate. Prepare and distribute quarterly reports identifying outstanding invoices to facility and/or program managers. Must be employed by New York State & have permanent status as a Principal Account Clerk, Grade 14 and be eligible for lateral transfer; or be eligible for transfer under Section 70.1 of the Civil Service Law. $41606 to $50531 per year. omhhrm@omh.state.ny.us

Per diem nurse. Provide professional nursing services appropriate to individuals served by the program to which you are assigned. Must be licensed and currently registered to practice nursing in New York State and have 1 year of Post Licensure Clinical Nursing experience. $44173 to $55716 per year. Fax (845) 647-1670 ext. 2099

Legal assistant. Describing, recording, storing, and retrieving critical active and closed case files. U.S. Citizenship, background investigation, drug test required. $42,837 - $55,698 per year. denise.nash@usdoj.gov

Maintenance mechanic. Paints, decorates and refinishes a variety of interior and exterior surfaces of offices, buildings, family dwellings and other structures. Prepares surfaces for resurfacing (builds up, shapes, and levels surfaces etc). Operates power equipment such as sanders and buffers in preparing surfaces for finishing (also uses air spray, rollers, brushes, trowels and viscosity testers). Construct, alter, modify and repair a wide range of features in buildings, quarters and other facilities. Constructs storage areas, workrooms, and offices within existing buildings including framework, rafters, joists, insulation, sheet rock, paneling, doors, windows and floors. Install floor coverings and cabinets and builds countertops using a variety of materials. A Valid State Driver's License, U.S. Citizenship, background and security investigation, pre-employment examination required. $23.90 - $27.90 USD per hour. (718) 354-4523
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