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SOS! Help save a little girl from Russia.

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SOS! Help save a little girl from Russia.
Polina Volkova (details here: http://vkontakte.ru/club26149743 ).

Dear brothers and sisters - people of good will! To you with a plea for help drawn the world's only coach - disabled (Since 1977 disabled the Soviet army - Group 2 (in the army suffered from a severe form of tuberculosis. In 1985 - 86 years endured two operations on survival: deleted part of the left lung, 3 edges and 2 / 3 stomach. Since the end of 2003 to the disease live in France (year-round needs a warm maritime climate), a volunteer, which is more than 30 years of free karate teaches children and young people and unselfishly helps seriously ill disabled children - for the sake of God and all that is holy - urgent help save the life of the girl child from Russia - babes Polina Volkova. Help the request of the coach - the disabled, which is itself in need of assistance due to injury son and his disability, but asks you to help save a child's life. Remember that in this life can be a worthy and noble than to save human lives and the more a child's life, and I swear by God that you can help - God's boomerang returns to you and your children and during his life and the Day of Judgement and God forbid that you would take the right decision. God help us in our noble deeds and actions in the name of children, peace, friendship and charity. With sincere thanks on behalf of all children, parents and girls themselves Coach - disabled, volunteer - Ruslan Idrisov. Russia - Chechnya - France. My details here:
( http://www.youtube.com/user/Sensei1977St?feature=mhee ).
E - mail adress: a-aruslan@mail.ru

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