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​Ищу партнера-инвестора для перспективного бизнеса Gamer Jewelry !!!!

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​Ищу партнера-инвестора для перспективного бизнеса Gamer Jewelry !!!!
Есть конкретные договоренности с ведущими игровыми производителями Америки на получение лицензий.

Gamer Jewelry is currently seeking to raise capital.

Jewelry for Gamers http://www.gamerjewelry.com

Gamer Jewelry http://www.gamerjewelry.com is based in sunny San Diego,
California, composed of designers, concept artists, game developers
and jewelers. Having jewelers among our ranks, our passion for
creativity and innovation has spread from our computers into the
physical world with our line of video game based jewelry.
We believe jewelry will allow game enthusiasts to bring virtual
reality back into their everyday world and to find and share their
passion for games, technology, and computers with their fellow gamers.
Our professional team is creating innovative jewelry designs, and we
have many great ideas and concepts we would like to see delivered to
the gamer community.

The idea for Gamer Jewelry came about from the analysis of the video
game industry and current fashion trends. There is a great variety of
jewelry available, for example, to sports, military, and biker
enthusiast, but very little choice is offered to the video gaming
community. What is worse, there is no serious brand that reflects the
jewelry needs of gamers.

The game playing population is very large and composed of not only a
great percentage of all teenagers but also many adults. In addition,
this population is not limited to the United States; gamers are
present and very active in international markets like Europe and Asia.
The game industry has already surpassed the revenue of the movie
industry in the US and bound to do so in the world market as well.
From these observations I conceived the Gamer Jewelry brand that aims
to fill a market gap woefully underrepresented today. My goal is to
create a new fashion trend for the international market.

Main Web Site: http://www.gamerjewelry.com/
Web Site for Investors: http://gamejewelry.com/
Blog: http://www.videogamejewelry.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/GamerJewelry

Public Press:

Thanks and Best Regards,

Gamer Jewelry Team
San Diego, CA 92129
Email: igor4d@gmail.com
07.06.2012 15:44
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