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Dear customers!

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Dear customers!
Marriage by Natali is an honest marriage agency and we care about our reputation among foreign men and Ukrainian and Russian women. Many of our foreign clients had bad luck with other Russian marriage agencies. They appeared unfair, so foreign men who had become their clients were scammed. We do care about our good reputation and we keep under control the database of our brides. You can be sure that you will never find a scammer on our site. All our brides are thoroughly selected and checked. We guarantee our foreign customers that our girls are really with serious intentions to marry a foreign man.
We pay much attention to the privacy of our customers. Our Ukrainian and Russian brides have been informed about their legal responsibility. They know what will come if they act illegal. Our girls share the responsibility of the agency for every our activity. For example, we inform our brides that they do not have any right to use private data with their own purpose. As you see, dear foreign customers, your confidence and privacy is of great importance for our dating service. You can rely upon our agency’s assistance and any kind of help.
As any other Russian or Ukrainian marriage agency, Marriage by Natali has its own code of rules. We do our best to follow it. The rules will be useful for those foreign me who are going to start their searching for a bride in Russia or Ukraine.
I, Natali Koval, being a Certified Matchmaker, am ready to guarantee the following issues to our foreign customers:
• Following the most important norms of quality in the matchmaking industry
• Respecting rights of our customers in personal and professional aspects
• Guaranteeing the highest respect and adhesion towards every our customer
• Quick and informative responses to the inquiries of our foreign customers
• Professional advancement and evolvement
• Provision the best quality services existing in the matchmaking business to our foreign customers
• Considering any request or opinion of our customers
• Promotion in the process of making the best match for all our customers
• Customized approach to the requests of each and every foreign customer of our marriage agency
• Being meticulous about the legal standards and norms accepted in Ukraine
Marriage by Natali works for our customers’ satisfaction as for the best matchmaking services. Our aim is to find the right and the best match for you to feel happy and content. Dear foreign men, we are waiting for you to become the clients of one of the best agency among other Russian and Ukrainian marriage agencies – Marriage by Natalai.
02.08.2016 01:36
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