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Государственные работы #32(851)

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Государственные работы #32(851)
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Instructor. (Social studies teacher). Instructing students in an academic subject area. Preparing daily lesson plans, learning units and instructional materials based on curriculum standards, course outlines and associated assessments developed by the State Education Department. Conducting classroom instruction using current teaching methods, observations and facilitation as well as computer technology skills; using audiovisual equipment, laboratory experiments and group projects as appropriate. Observing, evaluating and preparing written expectations for the instructor assistants assigned to the class. Serving as an evaluator and site visitor to programs and placements as they relate to students applying to the School for the Deaf from other districts. Evaluating and assessing student progress and involvement in the learning process through classroom observation, administering tests, correcting work assignments and using grading systems such as rubrics. Must have a Bachelors degree or higher and possess a valid NYS teaching certificate 7-12 Social Studies or be eligible for NYS teaching certification 7-12 Social Studies.Experience working with deaf students, Ability to communicate through ASL/Sign Language preferred. $35761 to $40894 per year. nyssd@mail.nysed.gov

Office assistant. U.S. Citizenship, typing proficiency of 40 words per minute required. Performs data entry, administrative and correspondence tasks related to the office's Back Wage collection and disbursement functions. Receives oral and written inquiries from employees, employers, attorneys, accountants, labor union officials and representatives of other Federal or local government agencies; provides information relating to the statutes enforced by the Wage and Hour Division. Receives incoming complaints and evaluates them to determine if the conditions described are within the Division's jurisdiction and whether probable violations exist. As assigned, is responsible for conciliation of complaints where an investigation is not warranted; contacts employers by mail, telephone, or in person to resolve complaints. As directed, accompanies and assists Investigators in conducting outreach presentations or investigations, particularly those involving large establishments or those firms where violations are of a complex and widespread nature. As directed, may assist Investigators in the examination of shipping, purchase and other records to determine coverage of firms under investigation at the direction of the Lead Investigator, transcribes selected time, payroll, and other records to substantiate violations found. Responsible for various administrative and management duties; gathers and evaluates material needed for quarterly and annual reports; uses advanced software such as word processing, database, spreadsheet, electronic mail and graphics. Must have 1 year of experience which is directly related to the position to be filled and which has equipped the candidate with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position. $34,582.00 to $44,959 per year. sylvia.john@dol.gov

Legal clerk. Examining legal documentation, requesting and securing evidentiary material, preparing cases for court proceeding, developing documentary materials; interviewing witnesses; and assisting in court proceedings. Must be able to deal effectively and present the necessary materials in a timely and efficient manner under extreme pressures. Knowledge of legal instruments and supporting documents, of grammar in order to proofread documents, ability to use and create various filing systems, ability to exercise a high degree of tact and courtesy in securing and requesting information required. 27,206.00 - 43,521.00 USD per year. washington@opm.gov

Security services assistant. Enforce building regulations; maintain order and direct visitors in State facilities; provide foot patrols; control access to buildings and offices; assist the sick or injured or persons with disabilities; submit accident, incident and daily activity reports; secure windows and doors. Must have a reachable score on the Security Services Assistant 1 list or have a current permanent appointment with 1 year of service as a Security Services Assistant 1 or as a title eligible for transfer to Security Services Assistant 1. $24588 to $29369 per year. (518) 437-4731
13.08.2009 03:52
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